I’m a self taught DJ/producer aged 20, and owner of Conspiracy and Vault 101...

My journey as a DJ started back in 2018, when witnessing the master mind Jamie Jones lay down a set at Paradise We Are, starring at the stage I knew this is the only thing I wanted to do with the rest of my life. The next day I bought decks and FL Studio. Ever since I have been relentlessly creating music and evolving to which you see today, taking my place in the dark side of the underground!

My sound ranges through glitchy wobbly beats indulged in texture through to simple striped back straight hitting percussion, with sine wave basses as the constant. I like to bring an edge in my tracks using disco elements, old school house piano stabs/cords  and with my darker tunes I tend to use lots of acid house synths. My main influences when it comes to creating music is through sound/trial and error, that’s the beauty of having a daw key board is the possibility’s are endless!I

started DJing off a DJ app at local house party’s before the 2018 set, after the set I was lucky enough to bag a residency straight away in my local night club Pulse/Bentleys. Following this I went to play for a lot of local raves/clubs.

With the residency I decided to start my own event Conspiracy where I could release the underground to the town and share my hidden obsession with ancient Egypt! Following great success with the party I decided to launch my second event Vault 101 based of the tv show where people put what ever they want in the vault of which I followed the concept...My plans are to take Conspiracy to the next level and turn it into a global record label simply delivering them wobbly tracks that I am obsessed with! Recently I have been blessed to meet a lot of guys with the same passion and love for the dark side, so the future with be exciting for Conspiracy!